Take a leaf out of the B&Q Open Garden event

Hoping to proclaim its relevance as small garden saviour, last month B&Q hosted a 4-day Open Garden pop-up experience in London’s Soho Square. The event aimed to showcase B&Q’s small garden ideas whilst connecting with consumers through the experience of eating, drinking and, ultimately, enjoying the garden space. We went along to see what consumers thought of the event and found it to be generating quite a buzz – here’s why its pop-up formula worked…

Full-on #Immersion via an enjoyable interactive event

This wasn’t just about showing off B&Q’s products through an interesting activation space – the concept of providing free food, drink and live music made this a full-on experience. B&Q encouraged passers-by to immerse themselves in its products and garden ideas by sitting on and enjoying its garden furniture, and partaking of its barbeque creations, whilst also sampling some boutique gin! This was all done through a space that encouraged relaxation and the ability to discover the joys of a garden. So much so that in the evenings the atmosphere was buzzing with people queuing to get in!

Harnessing #Freedom by empowering consumers to get the most out of their small spaces

The promise of lots of small garden solutions was considered quite unique and incredibly relevant for many Londoners struggling to make the most of their small footprints! Lots of well–put-together ideas with lovely planting, furniture and different layouts were not only a beautiful setting to catch up, but provided much food for thought. Whilst for the keener gardener free daily workshops hosted by B&Q colleagues delivered the means to put these ideas into practice. Pushing so many stylish ideas opened shoppers’ eyes to the new possibilities B&Q offers – a brand that may not previously have been naturally on their radar for unique, fun pieces of furniture and ideas.

All in all we think this was a great pop-up, connecting consumers to B&Q through an enjoyable interactive experience, not just another shopping event.


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