Ted Baker’s beautifully co-ordinated campaign turns heads

Spring 2017 sees yet another unique 360˚ campaign from British fashion brand Ted Baker. ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ follows on from the successful ‘Mission Impeccable’ of 2016. Its single-minded theme is executed in a fun style that runs seamlessly throughout the brand’s multichannel proposition – from Instagram episodes and a shoppable online advert to interactive window displays. Our research shows it’s proving a hit with shoppers. Here’s why…

Interactive element immerses audience in the brand

It’s not the first time Ted Baker has used VR to entice shoppers, and the brand seems to be getting this down to a fine art. Simplicity is central to the effectiveness of its interactive store-front display on Regent Street – shoppers only needing to put their hands either side of a screen to initiate an experience that involves a photo of their face being beamed onto a digital window. The technology is clever and generates a definite buzz amongst users.

The shoppable ad further taps into consumers’ growing thirst for interaction by allowing shoppers to nose around the Bakers’ home and buy the items they see. The experience is fun and engaging and, importantly, plays to the ‘1 click’ shopping mind-set that’s now so prevalent amongst the target audience. Browsers can click on the items they like and add these straight to their bag; a welcome change from the slog of trawling through pages of clothing options.

On top of this, Ted Baker has successfully integrated The Bakers across their entire website and within in-store displays, making it easy for shoppers to become totally immersed in this meticulously curated alternative reality.

Joined-up, original approach unites comedy and commerce

All elements of the campaign have a consistent, ‘matching luggage’ style, with the same pastel colour scheme, cheesy tone and 50s throwback vibes being used across all elements. Perhaps the best example is the 8-part ‘sitcom’ that TB launched on Instagram. This very much plays on nostalgia for retro TV shows, with both the music and the style creating a tongue-in-cheek mood. Meanwhile, crucially, links in the Instagram bio act as a neat driver to the collection on the website; the perfect marriage of style and substance!



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