Pop-up garden helps Deliciously Ella grow healthy reputation

Demand for healthy, wholesome food that still manages to taste great has risen significantly in recent years. Deliciously Ella has ridden this trend by putting a celebration of ‘Natural, Simple, Healthy’ ingredients at the heart of its proposition. After successfully launching two delis the brand has now gone one step further in expanding beyond its origins as a blog about healthy eating – opening a ‘Deliciously Ella Garden’ pop-up in East London. We went along, immersed ourselves in this multi-sensory experience and took a look at how well it communicates the company’s ethos.

Seeing is believing Deliciously Ella is all about fresh goodness.

Set in the context of skyscrapers, bustling commuters and acres of concrete and metal, the pop-up’s abundance of greenery and simple, soothing design transports you to an oasis of calm that comes as a surprising, welcome contrast to city life. The deli is surrounded by the very ingredients used in the meals it sells – supporting the message that recipes are based on natural, simple-to-grow foods. After all, if these plants can flourish just around the corner from Liverpool Street Station surely they can do so just about anywhere! There is something very wholesome about seeing the ingredients used in your meal actually emerging from the soil before you, and just walking through the space makes it hard to resist trying one of the fresh salads on offer.

Showing healthy doesn’t have to mean worthy and dull!

The natural, healthy feel continues inside the deli itself, which conjures a ‘home kitchen’ ambience via simple fixtures, large bowls of pick-and-mix salads and quaint cake stands. These display techniques help ensure the food looks fresh, homemade and ultimately too good to resist! The range is purely vegetarian; featuring innovative dishes such as butterbean & cauliflower falafel and courgette, basil & piquillo pepper muffins that inspire interest and whet appetites. In addition some of the latest food trends like turmeric latte, deep green pressed juice and quinoa are covered in an enticing, accessible way.

Pricey perfection not always ideal for rushed audience.

One downside is that though the food all looks delicious it’s rather expensive – doing nothing to overturn the widespread perception that eating healthily can come at a premium. Whilst we’re sure the enchanting experience of the Garden will mean some are not deterred, the prices could be quite off-putting for commuters, whose priorities naturally tend to centre on grab-and-go convenience and simple, ‘do-the-job’ foodstuffs.

However, despite the price tag, this is an exciting new concept from Deliciously Ella that brings to life its mantra in an engaging, stylish manner. Its busy location is sure to open many more eyes to the brand’s world of healthy yet enjoyable eating. Open weekdays until June 2nd the Garden will represent a vibrant dash of green amid the grey for some time yet.



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