Move over Hygge, brands are harnessing Lagom, the latest appeal to our desire for sustainability and

Seeking happiness and a refuge from uncertain times, growing numbers of us spent last year working some ‘Hygge’ into our lives – gaining a sense of security and belonging through the small things in life. Now, the art of cosiness mastered, 2017 is set to be all about Lagom.

This new Scandi buzzword literally means ‘just the right amount’ – otherwise known as the Goldilocks concept. However, it’s not just about choosing the best bowl of porridge, it’s an approach to life based on sustainability, simplicity and living in healthy balance with the world (and saving some money as a result). Lagom is a socially conscious ethos whose principle of finding inner peace through moderation feels very timely amid a world of rapid change.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, IKEA has wasted no time in embracing this philosophy; its ‘Live Lagom’ campaign promoting a range of waste-reducing, energy-saving products. The brand not only feels a natural fit with Lagom because it’s Swedish but also because it’s always prided itself on affordability and simple functionality. Last month the retailer offered UK consumers the chance to ‘experience Lagom’ by running a range of experiential workshops. These enjoyed great uptake and really struck a chord with their invitations to de-clutter and re-establish order in your life via clever storage solutions!

Inevitability the world of beauty was not far behind, with Peach and Lily launching its very simple, non-indulgent Lagom range. These skin-care products are championed for their hydrating qualities – successfully drawing on Lagom’s beguiling message about health, the environmental and balance.

Although sustainable clothing is not exactly a new concept, key brands are definitely becoming more vocal about it. Now the focal point of Selfridge’s windows, its new-found popularity is hard to deny. With the intention of ‘raising awareness of sustainable fashion one passer-by at a time’, these windows feature emerging labels that are all about the environment and local communities. It seems Selfridge’s can make anything look glamorous; even worthy old causes.

Equally importantly, high street brands are also emphasising sustainability. H&M has cleverly harnessed the power of Lagom by making its ‘conscious’ range more affordable. Simultaneously offering £5 vouchers for every donated bag of unwanted clothing certainly makes minimalism look tempting even if, in reality, this means replacing everything with new-season items!

This fast-trending lifestyle concept has even inspired the start-up of a UK-based fashion brand named Lagom, which puts quality and style balanced with versatility at the core of its philosophy.

As the holistic Scandi ethos grows ever stronger it seems that more and more retailers will jump into bed with it – making sure it’s the middle-sized one of course!



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