Immaculate #Immersion: Airbnb raises the experience bar

Airbnb, a brand that’s all about amazing travel experiences, has gone one step further in capitalising on the growing experience economy. Its new venture allows customers to book a huge array of experiences and get immersed in unique guides written by locals. With over 500 activities already offered (and plans to expand!) we looked at travellers’ verdict and the emotions the brand is tapping into.

Not just any experience: Airbnb plays to a yearning to learn and explore

Airbnb dials up #Freedom by opening eyes to a new world of opportunities through its diversity of experiences. Bog-standard, passive guided tours and tick-box sightseeing are jettisoned in favour of trips that allow the traveller to set the agenda. This often means immersion in our own passions - be it learning Table Styling or French Food-Cooking, or venturing out of our comfort zones with Olympic Training or DJing. This interactivity turns observers into engaged participants and gives them a much more immersive experience of the location. Another bonus is the partnerships with non-profit organisations, which is great for those looking to give something back to the community.

Fosters that ‘made the most of it’ feeling via in-the-know locals

In addition to its ‘Experiences’ offer, Airbnb permits travellers to get the most from each location by harnessing local knowledge. Its ‘Places’ proposition supplies access to ‘Guides’ who have the inside track on the really exciting stuff. Individually tailored, these experiences spark lots of Insta-worthy moments – from food pictures in LA to ‘off-the-beaten-track’ discoveries. Inevitably, the ubiquity of foreign travel and rise of social-media competitiveness, means these meet-ups’ capacity to create special, envy-inducing moments feels very timely!

Is this the future for booking experiences?

This initiative helps move Airbnb to a one-stop travel haven not just an accommodation service. Whilst numerous others have tried to offer this level of service, Airbnb’s accent on leveraging buyers’ own desires for ever-more unusual and exciting experiences looks to be a step-change. It chimes with the times and we predict it will be a big success.



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