Beating #BlueMonday – brands need to empower shoppers to get out of the gloom

Blue Monday became an even bigger topic of conversation this year. With surmounting talk of celeb deaths, Brexit and Trump’s presidency compounded the usual gloom around January’s depressing weather and what feels like an age until pay day!

Consumers have been sparked into wanting to make even more of enjoying the here and now and feeling empowered to be what they want. After all, if Trump can be president, the possibilities are truly endless! Through the gloom of January, brands can connect by pushing messages, which create a sense of contentment with life’s little pleasures (in true Hygge spirit!); by helping consumers adopt a sense of true transformation or by empowering them to stick a finger in the face of Blue January

Many retailers tried to prove their relevance in Blue Monday with social and email campaigns but too many brands failed to tap into these mindsets. Here’s two of the positive messages which stuck out when we talked to shoppers.

Banish the blues – helping shoppers create their cosy place

DFS helped customers feel good about staying in – offering the inspiration to create a cosy, happy place with their designs. They encouraged sharing with a competition resonating at a time when pockets don’t feel particularly deep!

Embracing ‘the blues’ – transforming gloom into a positive trend

New Look and Boohoo got inventive; turning Blue Monday into a fashion trend. New Look helped us wave goodbye to our January blues with their ‘new in’ range. Boohoo created their ‘Boohoo Blue’ collection. Both brands tapping into current trends in denim and turning their homepage and marketing emails into a sea of blue. So, instead of getting down in the dumps on Blue Monday, you could dress in it instead!

All in all, it feels like Blue Monday is a concept that’s here to stay and our hunch is that it will be even bigger in 2018. Brands need to ensure their email and social campaign experiences build an emotional connection rather than just include a hashtag!

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