Time for bricks & mortar fashion brands to dial up the power of immersion

This week boohoo.com posted a 41% jump in sales. This led us to re-examine the results of a survey ABA recently ran to investigate, for our own purposes, the phenomenon of ‘brand love’.

We found that boohoo’s financial success is very much echoed in the large numbers strongly endorsing it - 41% of U35s (as shown in the table), rising to 50% in its stated target of U25s. This has put Boohoo on the top table of UK fashion brands – with ASOS, another purely online player, even more firmly established there.

A delve into the reasons why the 2 brands are loved throws up some very interesting factors. In the face of hopes that the future of bricks & mortar stores lies in immersive/exciting experiences, both of these online brands rate far ahead on these aspects.

ASOS achieves this by encouraging a constant dialogue with its users, so that they become both the readers and writers of a magazine-style experience – a potent combination that empowers shoppers to try different things. Meanwhile, Boohoo, with its affordable, vast and ever-changing product range, creates a sense that ‘anything is possible’, even on a tight budget.

So, what does this mean for bricks & mortar fashion players? Perhaps they should look to the current success of the beauty sector, where American brands like Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury and NYX are creating outstandingly immersive in-store experiences that feed into and off of intense social media buzz.


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