Lego’s new flagship building engagement via #Immersion

Last month Lego opened its largest store in the world, in London’s Leicester Square. Our research suggests it’s already proving a big hit with shoppers by creating a truly #immersive experience that captures the imagination of all ages! Here ABA’s 5Drivers model helps piece together how this is achieved…

Transporting shoppers to a land of possibilities ​

​The store captivates customers by carrying them away to a new world – cleverly using Lego product to create a sense of magic. Amazing replicas of London landmarks, including Big Ben and the Underground, conjure a sensory experience that goes well beyond just shopping – staying with visitors after they’ve left; recorded in memento pictures and shared in social media feeds.

Tapping into everyone’s inner child

​The store offers loads of great opportunities to get your hands on product – not only to play with what’s displayed, as elsewhere, but also to create your own Lego character or even build a life-size mosaic of your face in the photo booth! This combines the fun of personalisation with the satisfaction of realising your own idea!

​Lego has succeeded in constructing an immersive experience that delights by showing how far a simple, familiar toy can take you if you add a little imagination.


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