Instagram’s growth sees many brands fall behind

​The rise of Instagram seems unstoppable. This week it announced it’s rolling out live video and disappearing images. With c.14 million UK users, the platform remains an attractive place for fashion retailers to dial up the sort of #Immersion that neither websites nor stores engender. As recent data shows, one in three claims to have bought an item of clothing they came across on Instagram. Many brands are waking up to its power.

The phenomenon intensified earlier this month when Instagram announced the rollout of its new shopping feature – providing a more seamless buying experience from feeds.

The future of fashion retail will definitely see Instagram playing a big role and, with the platform continuing to enjoy double-digit growth, we feel it’s no longer enough for brands to just post some nice photography once a week. As fashion fights for space on shoppers’ feeds, posts need to be regular enough to get noticed and good enough to connect on an emotional level. It’s the perfect opportunity to dial up the modern emotional shopping drivers of #Belonging, #Immersion and #Freedom.

The frequency with which brands post on Instagram is becoming increasingly varied – some doing so more than once a day, others only once a week. There are also big differences in content – more progressive brands connecting with customers’ wider passions and not just showing garments. For example, posts a huge amount on food, beauty and aspirational places.

Those lagging behind must take notice of Instagram’s mounting influence and find engaging things to post!

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