Greggs’ Balanced Choice range - the sweet taste of success

Spring 2016 saw Greggs introduce a new ‘Balanced Choice’ range to stores – offering healthier pasties and sandwiches, plus salads and fruit-pots for workers, shoppers and students alike. The menu boasts ‘All the taste, all under 400 calories’ – pushing the boundaries of what’s usually regarded as ‘healthy’ with options such as Japanese-style Katsu Chicken Bake at around a third of the fat of Greggs’ regular version.

So far the new range has had a positive impact, with like-for-like sales up 3.8% in the first half of 2016. At IGD’s recent ‘Big Debate’ Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside stated the range now accounts for 10% of sales. So, how has Balanced Choice seemingly reinvigorated the chain?

Daring to adapt – a recipe for success

Not usually associated with healthy eating, the brand recognised it should evolve to meet the challenge of growing public awareness of the importance of a good diet. Greggs needed to broaden its image beyond that of good value, great-tasting pasties etc. The evidence suggests this shift in emphasis has worked; reports indicating 38% of people believe Greggs offers healthy food.

Balanced Choice enhances customers' sense of control – freeing them from the anxiety and guilt they often feel when faced with a range of exclusively calorie-laden products. Now there’s something for everyone!​

Doing more to feed consumers’ desire for control

With recent trials of a delivery service and plans to introduce gluten-free cakes later this year, Greggs looks set to soon provide even more reassurance for customers. Meanwhile, an upcoming traffic light system will instantly communicate the overall healthiness of each product.

These initiatives are likely to drive sales further by appealing not only to our appetites but also our deep-seated, emotional need for control. We think building on the success of the healthier range, whilst retaining Greggs’ mix of great taste and value, is indeed a recipe for success.

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