Brands need fresh take on healthy eating

Atkins, Paleo, Dukan, the 5:2 – we’ve all heard of these diets but, today, just how relevant is the traditional notion of ‘cutting out’? Recently we’ve seen an evolution in the way consumers approach health. Here’s our take on the 3 key trends to embrace right now.

Sustainable wellness replacing dieting fads

In the UK the last few years have witnessed huge growth in a more holistic approach to food and wellbeing, with the emphasis shifting away from calorie counting and prescriptive diets. Instead healthy eating has become more about tasty, substantial and balanced meals – the growing popularity of The Body Coach and Deliciously Ella being a prime example.

The rise of functional foods

More than ever, consumers are experimenting with superfood-goodness. Recipes are calling for all kinds of ingredients; many with claimed physiological benefits. Chia seeds, coconut oil and avocado, to name but a few, have seen Google searches skyrocket. Incorporating these into food-to-go and meal-solution ranges could present a big opportunity for retailers to tap into this phenomenon and attract health-conscious shoppers.

Instagram-worthiness key to not looking past sell-by date

​Social media has been a major catalyst for changing behaviours around healthy eating. Instagram, Twitter and blogs have all enabled greater sharing of nutritional know-how and clean-eating recipes. They’re also serving up endless inspiration – allowing people to feel part of an exciting, aspirational movement. So, if brands want to grab a piece of the action and get on consumers’ feeds, they need to generate beautiful, immersive content that recognises healthy eating is no longer a mechanical, rational process but is instead a lifestyle world where inhabitants invest a lot of emotion.


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