2016’s biggest marketing event delivers big insights

The Festival of Marketing #FOM16 took place last week and certainly lived up to our hopes! It offered a series of inspiring sessions and featured over 200 speakers. Here are our 3 key take-outs...

Honesty is the best policy for marketers

How could we possibly miss a talk entitled "No way, get f**ked, f**k off"– what happened when one Australian spoke to 100s of strangers across the UK’? Ed Smith @talledsmith, the Australian CMO on a mission to get under the skin of the UK population, set himself the challenge of interviewing 500 people in 100 towns and cities. This quest uncovered some fascinating insights – most notably how playing in the space of truth or honesty can meet the increasingly hard challenge of engaging a nation of burnt-out consumers.

And if the current TalkTalk advert is anything to go by then they certainly agree with this. ‘This Stuff Matters’ was created using unmanned camera footage collected in a real family home, filming non-stop for two weeks in order to capture authentic, unscripted footage of the life of one UK family.

Personalisation is a long haul

Head of CRM and loyalty at M&S, Ryan Davies, took to the stage to talk about how they use data to drive customer experience. He explained how the brand targets on attitudes, purchasing frequency and shopper journeys; leveraging the hugely valuable information arising from its members’ club and loyalty programme, Sparks. This is all part of a major commitment by the 133-year-old institution, which recognises it takes time to create truly personalised rewards for its customers. As Ryan observed “It’s a journey and not a big bang”.

Great brands are all about product, product, product

Finishing the first day on a high, the audience was treated to a real headline star in the form of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. He described how the best brands are built on product not advertising. According to Woz the most important thing is to make the biggest difference to people’s lives. Real marketing is “Understanding what people want in products and being honest when talking about how much it is truly worth to them.”

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