Lidl - opening up a world of new possibilities

Lidl’s share of the UK grocery market continues to grow at the expense of the big four. We’ve taken a fresh look at its success through the lens of our 5Drivers model and can reveal the emotional hot buttons it’s pressing so effectively.

Versus other UK supermarkets, it emerges that Lidl’s stand-out strength is its ability to completely surprise and delight - so shoppers feel liberated by the experience.

Pleasantly surprised that things worked out better than I imagined (% agree)

Pricing so good customers feel free to shop without caution

Everywhere customers look they can’t fail to see overt price messaging that creates a powerful sense of ‘grab it while you can’. This proud display of Lidl’s value credentials leaves shoppers not only wowed but secure in the knowledge they can explore a world of opportunities and stay within their budget!

#Lidlsurprises that constantly offer new, affordable indulgences

Across the board, Lidl manages to surprise – from its forever-changing ranges of non-food to its enticing selections of luxury eatables. Routine supermarket shopping is made to feel fun again with the thrill of ‘what will I find next?’ Award-winning inclusions like wine and smoked salmon, all at amazing prices, empower shoppers to get a bit of specialness as standard.

Meanwhile, a strong emphasis on freshness, sustainability and Britishness convey the sense that you can buy into a better lifestyle without being forced to make a ‘trade up’ choice.


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