Retailers should be more Pinteresting to drive conversion

What does Pinterest mean to you - an interactive mood board, a modern scrapbook, the ultimate wish-list, or a great visual-marketing tool? For many brands the answer is likely to be ‘not much’ but, on exploring some of its qualities, this indifference feels like a missed opportunity.

Pinterest is a social media platform driven by content; where inspiration is more important than interaction and, say, finding the perfect dress is more valued than how many likes it gets. Despite its understated reputation it’s been shown that 55% of users are in a ‘ready and willing to spend’ mind-set – supporting its claims to being the most effective social platform for driving sales.

The exploratory approach of ‘Pinners’ means they are more likely to follow retailers than friends, engage with ‘Rich pins’ that contain extra, related material on the pin itself, and click their way down the rabbit hole of information to the source’s website. ‘New’ and ‘blue’ buyable pins allow users to buy straight off Pinterest – tapping into desire-led impulse purchases and facilitating the creation of longer-term wish-lists.

However, buyable pins serve little purpose if they aren’t getting noticed – retailers need to promote their pins or rely on interesting content to generate a following!

It can also be used to build a relatable personality - “the idea behind your brand makes sense on Pinterest” according to co-founder Evan Sharp. Boards are curated to communicate brand values and interests – promoting a sense of belonging rather than just products. Wholefoods owe their success on Pinterest to the entire lifestyle they encourage followers to embrace - winding their way into all aspects of their lives.

Topshop has stolen a march on rivals by harnessing Pinterest ‘Palettes’, which allow Pinners to find their own ‘colour DNA’. This clever tool links shoppers to Topshop products based on a colour palette generated from their own boards – essentially a personalised shopping filter

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