Hello Fresh: releasing our inner Masterchefs

A recent flurry of new meal kit subscription services has pointed to consumers’ growing appetite for freshly prepped recipes delivered straight to their door. We looked at one of these, Hello Fresh, via the lens of our 5Drivers model, and found out why it’s proving a hit…

Dials up Freedom – easy inspiration and escape from routines

Bored of eating the same meals every week? – Hello Fresh we are! Hello Fresh promises to get you out of your weekly rut and it doesn’t disappoint! Consumers are delighted by the way all the thinking is done for them – clear recipe cards helping navigate a world of new ingredients. The idea of someone else pulling together meal ideas is a massive plus for those uninspired by supermarket aisles/websites or overwhelmed by a plethora of recipe books!

Empowers you to break free of your safety zone!

“If you’d asked us if we knew how to cook a meal using fennel, star anise and paprika we’d have questioned your sanity”. But that’s exactly the type of bold, exotic meals people are able to whip up. The easy, step-by-step guides give them the confidence to venture well beyond the familiar – producing great food and a huge sense of pride!

Unlimited possibilities keep you hooked

Hello Fresh sweeps shoppers away with its sheer diversity. Many of the dishes aren’t well-known, or even easy to pronounce, and this newness helps it all feel so addictive!

Meal subscriptions are clearly an industry that’s growing fast and, as more companies pop up, we’re intrigued to see how they’ll begin to differentiate their offerings.


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