Easy Tiger! Injecting fun into the high street

Tiger opened its first UK store in 2005. Today it has over 80 – the UK now being the largest market for the Danish group. With further UK and global expansion anticipated we used our 5Drivers model to reveal the emotion-based factors that lie behind this success story.

Losing yourself in a world of fun ideas

One key element of the store’s appeal is the vast array of fun, vibrantly coloured products that shout EXPLORE! Consumers describe feeling ‘like a child in a sweetshop’, excited by what they might encounter next. The delight in finding something new or nostalgic is addictive enough to keep them coming back.

The IKEA-esque one-way system is barely noticed as the diversity of products naturally draws shoppers round the store, while the playfulness compels interaction – whether it’s squeezing a rubber duck or testing the head massager!

Freeing your inner child

Constant injections of newness, quirky choices and strong seasonality dial up a sense of Freedom. Customers’ thirst for this is quenched by a world of fresh possibilities; with innovative spins on familiar products that induce wonder and laughter. Amusingly labelled thermometers, moustache-shaped scouring sponges? Why not? And the pocket-money price points help – bringing the fun within reach and encouraging a ‘fill your basket’ mentality!

With the high street struggling for footfall we think there’s a role for more retailers to put a bit of fun back into shopping.

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