Retailers need to do more to harness the immersive power of Snapchat

Snapchat, a unique form of social networking that allows you to send auto-deleting video/photo messages to friends, has naturally lent itself to many weird and wonderful uses since its 2011 launch. Starting out primarily as a sexting tool, it’s now taking the selfie generation by storm as the ultimate FOMO generator and a way to surprise unsuspecting friends. With over 100 million users and 7bn daily video views, retailers have begun to take notice


However, with only 11% of brands posting daily it is yet to be successfully exploited as a marketing tool. So here are the key ways retailers can further incorporate Snapchat into their social media efforts:

Sponsored Geo-filters – the modern way to recommend a friend!

Uniquely, these usable, location-specific photo graphics allow brands to participate in friends’ online conversations and win recommendation by participants. Their non-intrusive, fun and exclusive nature definitely appeals more to the selfie generation than generic advertising does!

Snap Ads play to short millennial attention spans​

​These 10-second adverts include an interactive element that allows Snapchatters to swipe up and see extended content – an approach that boasts a 5x higher click-through rate vs. comparable platforms.

Sony Pictures points the way for how retailers could creatively use the ‘swipe-up’ tool - directing viewers to an immersive, 360-degree version of the trailer for its upcoming thriller. It’s an innovative way of engaging tech-savvy youths.

Stories showcase behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and style tips for brand lovers

Brands can post longer narratives on users’ Snapchat accounts; viewable for 24 hours - BUT not without firstly ensuring shoppers agree to add their specific Snapchat name.

Sponsored Lenses take playful advertising a step further​

Snapchat lenses produce a new type of immersive experience where Snapchatters can manipulate a real-time photo/moving image of their face. Brand-sponsored lenses create a fresh, interactive form of advertising and the limited time they’re available means companies can move on before the thrill of being a taco etc. dissipates. What’s not to love?!


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