NARS dialling up desire amid London’s booming beauty set

​This summer saw NARS open its first European flagship store in London – joining the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel and Bobbi Brown in Covent Garden’s flourishing Beauty Quarter. With so much excitement surrounding the launch we just had to check it out - and it didn’t disappoint…

You simply can’t miss the store, its confidently minimalist exterior and sleek branding. If the chic fascia isn’t enough to intrigue you, its cheeky window display will – promoting the no. 1 selling ‘Orgasm Blush’ and inviting conversation with #whatmakesyoublush.

This compact store proves that size isn’t everything as you quickly become happily lost amongst a plethora of desirable NARS products. The bright, white interior contrasts with sleek, black displays and allows the fantastically vivid makeup ranges to take centre stage – creating a truly compelling boutique feel.

NARS has also integrated technology in a clever way. Its interactive mirror encourages customers to take photos of themselves testing NARS products and then upload these to social media. This makes for an immersive experience and gives everyone an excuse to post a selfie or two!

Staff members, who are always very important in enhancing the beauty experience, appear friendly, non-pushy and passionate about the range. The makeup stations they have on hand give them great scope to demonstrate their full expertise.

We think NARS has successfully created a physical space that epitomises the desirable, sleek signature of the brand. However, as we know, the service bar is constantly being raised in the beauty world, and NARS’ biggest challenge will be retaining a service edge in this booming sector.


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