How the Beauty industry is harnessing immersion

Fashion industry take note! Beauty is storming ahead with exciting new trends and more immersive experiences. In the first in a series of blogs on the changing face of beauty, we take a look at the growing number of immersive beauty apps. Our research suggests they’re proving quite a hit – here’s why…

Rimmel offering shoppers a fun way to ‘get the look’

The Get the Look app gives customers the ability to ‘steal’ the make-up styles seen on friends, celebrities or the pages of magazines. Users simply photograph the chosen face and the app shows them how the make-up would appear on them – setting out the Rimmel London products that will help them create this look. This is an incredibly accurate, fun app which, in allowing women to uncover the secrets of the stars, has gone down a storm. Never before have such transformations felt so easy and achievable.

Urban Decay offering try-before-you-buy freedom

The cult brand launched a new app to accompany its Vice lipstick launch. This enables users to upload a selfie and sample its many shades without having to actually try any on. It’s surprisingly accurate and helps take the guesswork out of choosing a shade that will actually work once you get it home! It also opens up a world of possibilities in terms of colours and personalised finishes that you might not usually have time to try out in store.

Sephora’s Tinder-like tools proving addictive

Sephora has tried to create ‘really fun, addictive shopping experiences’ with its latest innovations. ‘Swipe it, shop it’ uses a Tinder-style model to display looks you can swipe to buy. Meanwhile, the ‘Beauty Uncomplicator’ offers make-up suggestions according to personal needs. Both have proven surprisingly addictive – shoppers getting caught up in the fun of swiping through more and more looks! The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ approach of the Beauty Uncomplicator gives users the sense of receiving personalised recommendations, communicated in the sort of informal, friendly language you usually only get from consultants in-store.


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