- on the way up as it dials up control

Sales keep booming at the online-only electrical retailer – with latest financial results showing a 25% rise in UK sales. We looked at consumers’ opinions of the brand through our 5Drivers model to see what emotions it’s harnessing and what could make it an even greater success.

​Investment in awareness-building paying off

Whilst there’s still room to grow awareness vs. competitors, investment in marketing appears to have definitely paid off. For a relatively new online-only retailer it fares well against competitors on awareness and only sits behind Currys when it comes to consideration.

Awareness/consideration for large home appliances ​

It’s also helping to build a sense of momentum around the brand – being on a par with Amazon when rating which brands are ‘really on the way up’:

A brand that’s really on the way up (% agree)​

Plays strongly to Control and Freedom pulls a lot of big levers that allow customers’ lives to run smoothly when they most need it! It offers complete control when broken-down appliances need to be replaced quickly or when going through the stressful process of moving home. Everything from a simple-to-use website, vast choice, best price guarantee, through to free, super quick delivery with a choice of slots makes customers feel in complete control. All of these aspects help feel like a sensible, good choice – ensuring it gets rated particularly well when it comes to ‘value for money’:

Offers great value for money (% agree)​

​Opportunity to dial up sense of belonging

Despite customers telling us about some amazing customer service experiences it’s still not a brand many feel a strong connection to, nor relate heavily to great service. Whilst this is likely to build as people start to experience it more, it does lead you to question whether marketing is doing enough to project how much the brand supports people at the biggest and most stressful moments in their lives.

Makes people feel helped and supported (% agree)​

I feel like I fit in/belong to this retailer (% agree)​

​Base: nationally representative sample of 662 UK consumers in August 2016 ​