Amazon Fresh a hit - Great choice, delivered same day

Last month Amazon started selling groceries online – available to Amazon Prime subscribers across 69 central and east London postcodes. Analysts predict it could nab up to 3% of the UK grocery market by 2020. Our research suggests they might be right! Here’s why it’s been a hit…

Impressive big brand and local artisan selection

The ability to order items from big names and smaller producers like Gail’s Artisan Bakery has surprised and delighted - creating excitement about sprucing up baskets with special treats and fresh produce straight from acclaimed markets, whilst simultaneously supporting local businesses. This appeal is strengthened by access to ready-made meal solutions from top London restaurants like Bone Daddies.

Slick, speedy delivery at a decent price

Delivery feels pretty reasonable for what you get. On top of their £7.99 monthly fee, Amazon Prime members pay just an extra £6.99 for Amazon Fresh - entitling them to free unlimited delivery on orders over £40. The big plus is same-day delivery - allowing customers to peruse dinner options at their desks, then get home from work ready to receive their goodies!

The service is convenient and reassuring – everything customers expect from Amazon. 1-hour slot choice, clear reminder communications and transparency on substitutions ensure shoppers feel in control. Delivery crews are friendly, helpful and even prompt the recycling of packaging.

It’s all very impressive but you can’t help wondering about the operational hurdles that come with a model like this. We’re intrigued to see how Amazon pulls it off in other areas of the UK!


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