People make experiences - Lush’s passion sets it apart

Staff are often crucial to the creation of memorable retail experiences. Last week we saw shoppers returning to our local Lush branch to give assistants presents for the service they’d received! This very unusual phenomenon raised the question ‘what’s so great about Lush?’ Our research suggests it’s passion that marks them out – and here’s how they deliver it.

Staff are always upbeat

At Lush you’re proactively greeted by a friendly face - a welcome that sets the tone for a consistently positive experience. Staff are on hand yet never intimidating and make interactions feel natural and fun. This personality also shines through in Lush’s Twitter feed which, unlike some brands, doesn’t just focus on addressing gripes, but instead interacts with everyone like a best friend.

They all know their stuff

You don’t have to wait to speak to an ‘expert’ at Lush. Everyone conveys a sense of expertise about the entire range and shoppers are taken on a non-stop journey of ideas. Recommendations feel real and personalised, and rooted in staff’s own experiences.

They get customers immersed in the experience

Staff actively encourage customers to see a product in action, try it, smell it and feel it. Visitors get so caught up in the heady blend of delightful aromas and sensations that they find it hard to say no! On top of this, assistants are able to talk fluently about the stories behind the products – be it Lush’s commitment to natural ingredients or the reduction of waste. They always project a sense of pride and love for the brand, and this stays with customers.


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