Veggie Pret a hit – great idea, brilliantly executed

July 15, 2016

Pop-up shops are important as a means of providing a more personal, unique experience to ​​customers. In June, Pret a Manger launched  a new pop-up store called Veggie Pret, set up to challenge chefs to make a full-on veggie range and get feedback on it. Pret expected the store to make a loss, but it has thrived. Here’s our take on why it’s been such a hit. 

It’s nailed a trend in a bold, distinctive way 

With the rise of the ‘flexitarian diet’, plus more environmentally conscious, clean-eating consumers, the demand for wholesome, ethical veggie foods has risen. Veggie Pret has tapped into this trend and has been brave and distinctive – intriguing people with the promise that an entire store can survive on vegetarian options alone.

It’s built an inclusive customer experience

Veggie Pret actively encourages customer feedback. Staff members appear genuinely interested to hear customers’ thoughts. The ‘Hit the spot/Missed the plot’ message board provides an engaging means of collecting opinions. Plus, a self-propelling social media campaign has helped generate a buzz. 


Created a distinct identity that links to the wider brand ​

Veggie Pret has a clear, distinct identity but manages to seamlessly connect to the wider brand – turning its trademark red into green and taking its fresh credentials one step further. It’s also promoted the pop-up veggie concept countrywide – with the ‘Not just for veggies’ tagline on bags and billboards across the countr



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