Based on 20 years of retail research experience we’ve spotted 3 key ways brands grow

Secure strong/growing:

  • brand awareness

  • category associations

  • mission associations

WHY? Emotional reactions create disproportionately more powerful/enduring responses vs. rational ones

Improve physical availability - store network, C&C, home shopping etc.

WHY? We can only act on what comes to mind and is physically available to us – other choices are simply ‘off table’

Deliver a compelling on-the-day experience (range, price, service, environment etc.)

Achieve strong/growing:

  • Brand momentum

  • Emotional engagement

Grow availability
Grow satisfaction
Grow warmth

WHY? We like what’s easy and return for more – so experiences which fit our needs become default options

We have proven techniques for measuring progress and spotting growth opportunities

Measuring and tracking brand love is notoriously hard as you need to get beyond rational appraisals - very few of us being able to recognise in ourselves how we really feel about brands.

We use our 5Drivers model to overcome this obstacle - as we have discovered that only the brands which connect either very strongly on one driver or well across several achieve true brand love. 

Read more on how our 5Drivers model could shed light on your brand's health - pinpointing the emotions that you currently play to plus those which, if targeted, could help drive brand love.

Growing sales ultimately depends on successfully persuading consumers along a journey from awareness to consideration to purchase and finally loyalty. 

Tracking your brand across these dimensions is critical in identifying where you are losing customers along the way.

As mental availability is a prerequisite, without which none of the other stages could occur, we pay particular attention to this.

Read more about how we measure these aspects and identify, using peer-group comparisons, where opportunities lie.

Ever since, in 2003, Reichheld introduced the NPS concept in the Harvard Business Review, businesses have become increasingly interested in measuring the on-the-day customer experience.

Initially pooh-poohed by the market research industry, we were quick to embrace NPS and have since learnt how to use attribute scores and text analytics to give a more diagnostic, commercially telling read.

Unlike a tech-only solution we use our deep customer understanding and retail know-how to deliver the real insights that drive genuine improvement.