We canvass customer opinion to help brands grow across all aspects of their proposition, creating bespoke solutions that, often blending quantitative and qualitative approaches, turn insights into action.

These projects are often further enriched by using our 5Drivers model to explore the business actions that best fit the emotions a brand taps into.



Exploring current behaviours and revealing growth drivers

Normally employing large-scale usage & attitude surveys, ethnographic work and expert interviews, we secure deep understanding both of customer needs and how growth, always translated into £-value, can be won. Crucially, recommendations support brand equity and encourage progress. Category owners are left with an authoritative picture of their sector – including usage modes, factors of importance, pain points, decision hierarchies and channel expectations.



Bringing consumer views into the boardroom

The danger facing many senior stakeholders is having to focus so much on internal factors they become detached from customers. These sessions bring consumers centre stage in a relaxed context designed to encourage people to speak their mind. Managers often report that customers' voices live with them long afterwards and guide subsequent decisions. The extra, unexpected benefit of these events is their team-building dimension – managers finding new common ground through their shared customer understanding.



Discovering how to better win customer hearts

Typically involving re-sight of existing knowledge, new research and stakeholder workshops, this analysis gives brands a deep understanding of customer motivations – one that helps create better targeted, more successful marketing campaigns. Following launch, we employ ‘in-the-moment’ techniques that keep respondents in ‘automatic’ mode and thus capture a true picture of how campaigns perform in-store/online – also identifying the changes that would maximise impact.



Putting customers first; from origins to final proposition

Our work under this heading spans everything from blank-page idea generation to concept testing and launch/post-launch evaluation. Methods differ according to the task in hand but, typically, we employ multi-method research programmes to identify opportunity spaces, involve key stakeholders in creative workshops, and then stress-test ideas to see how they land with consumers.



Perfecting stores/websites of the future

Stores/websites are the foundation stone of any retail proposition, and we spend a lot of time partnering brands in seeing that their format-development rests on strong customer knowledge. This process takes many forms, depending on whether we're guiding a start-up or a very mature company. Our efforts tend to focus on making sure the format works in a way that supports the brand positioning, maximises omni-channel journeys and offers a smooth experience at a functional level.


Helping to find meaningful customer segments

Recognising ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ we help retail brands identify meaningful sub-groups, decide which to target and how to engage – typically leveraging demographic, usage, attitudinal and needs-based information. Acknowledging the importance emotion plays in consumer behaviour, we often incorporate our 5Drivers model. Outputs are always creative - using everything from statistically authoritative presentations to immersive theatre that brings segments to life.