What are
Qualitative Depth Interviews?

Depth Interviews are unstructured interviews that probe detailed aspects of attitudes, needs, wants and behaviours.

What are the aims of Depth Interviews?

They tend to be employed in relation to ‘explore’ objectives – often revealing important dimensions which are then quantified during a follow-up stage. They are particularly good at revealing behaviours, with the 1-to-1 format allowing thorough exploration of day-to-day life, usage habits or individual shopper journeys.

How are Depth Interviews undertaken?

Depth interviews can take place anywhere at any time – either in person or over the phone/online. In-the-moment depth interviews are more commonly used nowadays as a result of the growing use of ethnographic research. In this context, natural behaviours are either observed ahead of the depth interviews taking place or the interview is conducted whilst someone goes about their everyday life. This ensures findings are rooted in real-life rather than relying on respondents’ recall of events – the two often vary considerably!

Depth interviews are the perfect setting for capturing the sort of video footage that makes good ‘talking heads’ or ‘vox pop’ films, which are particularly effective in bringing the findings to life and encouraging stakeholders to take action on the back of the market research.

Given the relatively small number of respondents involved in this kind of study it’s very important to think carefully about who to talk to and ensure the quality of recruitment is high.

What’s an example of Depth Interview usage?

At ABA we undertake thousands of depth interviews a year – these often take place in real-life environments to keep responses as genuine as possible. Many of our ongoing customer experience studies use depth interviews to get beneath the skin of the numbers and ensure we can always report back to stakeholders about how customers would like a brand to respond to any disappointing part of an on-the-day experience.

What are Depth Interviews?