What are
Online Market Research Surveys?

Online research surveys are questionnaires administered over the internet and completed by a respondent without any direction from an interviewer.

What are the aims of Online Market Research Surveys?

The aims of online research depend on the objectives of the research they are being devised for. They are generally selected over face-to-face interviews because they are much quicker and more cost-effective to undertake. This means that larger, more statistically robust samples can be obtained within any given budget.

Fans of online surveys also point to the fact that answers are more honest than in a face-to-face context because respondents are not subject to social bias.

How are Online Research Surveys undertaken?

Online research relies on a survey generation application being used to script the questionnaire. This captures all questions and incorporates rules around rotations, routing and rules around quality control.

It’s important that the survey application is device responsive – in particular that surveys are suitable for being displayed on a smartphone.

We have our own proprietary system called Q-Gen and this allows us to avoid an expensive cost-per-complete pricing approach.

Potential respondents are generally drawn from a brand’s own database or sourced via a research panel such as Toluna, Research Now or Cint. A published link to the survey may also be advertised on till receipts, in-store posters or on websites.

The self-completion nature of online surveys means that careful quality control procedures need to be put in place. The 2 most important steps are to screen out ‘speedsters’ (who complete the survey in times too fast to have genuinely read/responded to the questions) or ‘flat liners’ (who answer in the same way to all grid-style questions).

What’s an example of Online Research in action?

We undertake around 6 million online surveys a year! One of our longest-running studies is one tracking consumer sentiment and spending intentions. The online approach allows us to undertake 4,000 interviews per month, providing very statistically robust results.

What is an Online Market Research Survey?