What is
Moderation/ Facilitation?

This is where a market researcher leads a qualitative session, whether in the form of a one-to-one interview, focus group or workshop.

In simplistic terms, one-to-one interviews are the easiest sessions to run whilst workshops are the hardest. The subject matter and nature of the respondent does, however, influence this general view.

A moderator will usually follow a session plan – although it’s worth noting that this is only a guide and advanced facilitators often adapt the subject/flow as events unfold.

Whilst good moderation/facilitation looks effortless, there’s much more to it than meets the eye so it’s often a mistake to consider it something which could be done 'in house’.

External moderators also have the benefit of being seen as ‘neutral’ which means all voices feel heard and a healthy dose of ‘intelligent naivety’ means the simple yet often telling questions don’t get overlooked.

What is Moderation/Facilitation?