Meet Nick Bonney

So, tell us about you….

I’ve been in the market research industry for nearly 25 years now. I started off in agency life, firstly in field but then managing customer satisfaction programmes. So, in many ways, being at ABA feels like coming full circle. However, I’ve spent the bulk of my career client-side (with Orange, M&S, EE and Camelot) and I’m hoping this perspective will help bring a new angle on the work ABA does and ensure we continue to build strong relationships with our clients.

Why did you decide to join ABA?

I loved my client-side years but came to feel I was spending too much time involved in the technical implementation of analytics/ personalisation and not enough on the insight behind it. Moving back agency-side enables me to focus on what really fires me up, which is delivering insight that can really make a difference to a brand. Retail, in particular, is such a fascinating area – unpicking that moment of truth when a consumer decides whether and where they are going to part with their hard-earned cash. It’s a brilliant sector to work in and at ABA we’re fortunate to have so many clients who are major players within it. We’re also a business with a great culture. I glimpsed this from the outside (I first worked with ABA back in 2004) and it later became a major reason why I joined. It’s important for me to be part of a company driven by a strong set of values.

So, what are your plans for ABA?

Well, in the first instance, I’m focussing on getting to grips with how the business operates. I have to recognise that it’s been a long time since I was agency-side and it’s important to really understand the way things work. After a couple of months here I feel I’ve got a good handle on this and am now looking forward to getting out and spending more time with clients. We’re currently finalising our strategic plan but I thought I’d pick out and share three aspects of this. Firstly, we will continue to build on our strengths – fostering great long-term partnerships with clients and doing top-level work, especially in the customer experience area where we’ve recently concentrated a lot of effort. Secondly, I think we have a real opportunity to build on the work we’ve done on our 5Drivers model of the emotions behind consumer behaviour – analysis that equips clients with a deeper level of understanding of their brand’s best positioning. I spent a number of years at Orange working on re-branding and launches, so brand research is an area I’m really passionate about. Finally, it’s clear that the insight world is changing fast and I think we should continue to grow our data-analytics capability, developing some of the partnerships we have in the digital space to help our clients across all their customer touchpoints.

What about when you’re not at work?!

I have two young children who tend to keep me occupied but, when I’m not being a Dad taxi, I can normally be found watching or playing football (I’m a slightly obsessive Chelsea fan). I also enjoy playing/ listening to music (I taught myself to play guitar when I was a teenager and still love to do this now). I really enjoy travelling and, if I can, diving – though, most of the time, I have to settle for a morning swim in the pool to clear the mind instead!