What are
Market Research Quotas?

These are a key tool in quantitative market research as they ensure the composition of a survey sample is in line with that required by the client.

For example, if the research needs to capture a nationally representative picture then quotas will be set up to deliver a sample whose profile matches this.

Demographic characteristics are the most common form of quota. Purchase or usage criteria are also frequently applied. These either ensure that respondents represent genuine commercial value or that there will be sufficient respondents within key ‘cells’ to provide a statistically robust read of their behaviour.

For online surveys, the survey software refers back to the quota each time a respondent completes a survey. Once quotas are ‘hit’, respondents are kindly thanked for their time and routed to the end of the survey – this avoids paying for unnecessary interviews.

For interviews undertaken ‘offline’, quotas are achieved by setting respondent-type targets for each interviewer working on the project. Each interviewer hitting their own personal target means the total quota will be achieved.

What are Market Research Quotas?