The road trip that delivered ‘For Life’s Journeys’

Arriving at Halfords, Jill McDonald, Chief Executive, recognised that creating emotional connections with consumers would be essential in moving the brand from being periodically useful but often ignored to one that plays a constant role in shoppers’ lives.

For ten months ABA was joined at the hip with Halfords’ marketing team in driving a transformation; ensuring customers were consulted at every step.

This wasn’t about lip service but continual, honest dialogue. To attain this we took an innovative approach, employing implicit techniques to get to emotional rather than over-rationalised responses. We also used narrative analysis not tick-box surveys to secure deeper understanding and, at critical moments, secured alternative perspectives to stress-test our thinking. 

"What made this project special was the collaboration between ABA, Halfords and all its partner marketing agencies. Without this it would’ve been impossible to put customers at the heart of such a wholesale cultural change."

Alison Bainbridge - Founder, ABA Research

Naturally, the real measure of outputs is their long-term impact on business success - and with strong trading results over the summer everyone’s confident of great things ahead.