Using online A/B testing to refine Vue’s promotions 

The release of 4 high-profile family films in quick succession in Summer 2016 posed a challenge for Vue – driving visit frequency and share being vital at this competitive, high-volume time of year. A winning promotion was needed to secure box office sales, so Vue turned to ABA to test the appeal and impact of a range of options.

Using robust online A/B testing, 2 promotions were identified as standout winners. This allowed Vue’s pricing team to model just these scenarios, not the full list of candidates, and select the most commercially viable option – safe in the knowledge they had a solid understanding of how/why they would work.

The ‘Everyone pays child’s price’ promotion was subsequently rolled out with a high level of confidence and media spend, and ABA worked closely with Vue to test customer reaction to the live promotion throughout the summer.

Crucially, the promotion was proven to have generated incremental visits from customers who would not have otherwise visited Vue, and this led to it becoming a repeat fixture in Vue’s promotional calendar.

‘As retail specialists, ABA were a great partner for this research – able to move quickly and collaborate on careful methodology, questions and stimulus to get precise comparisons on if and how the promotions would change behaviour, and then measure the extent to which that winning promotion did in fact change behaviour. The team were easy to work with and proactive – and, more importantly, their data and interpretation is trusted by our senior stakeholders.’


Ruth Hinton, Brand Planning & Insights Manager, Vue Entertainment

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