What is

Co-creation entails researchers working alongside the client brand and its target customers to formulate propositions, which can be completely new or simply refinements of previous ones.

What are the aims of Co-Creation?

It aims to create a culture of customer centricity by putting consumers at the heart of the proposition development or evolution. Advocates argue that this approach greatly increases the chance that the resulting proposition will be successful. Critics, however, believe customers are so steeped in the current reality that their involvement may have a limiting effect on future vision. A ‘best of both worlds’ approach can be to run part of the session with customers then allow time for stakeholders to use outputs as stringboard for more visionary solutions.

How is Co-Creation undertaken?

In our experience, this type of market research will work best if the participants are creative in nature and comfortable working in a group setting. Whilst the length and design of the sessions depend on the objectives, we usually find it useful to have a warm-up before customers arrive; providing an opportunity for stakeholders to work together and frame the business challenge that’s up for consideration. Here they can choose materials for stimulating and guiding the co-creation process. To ensure outputs aren’t limited by participants’ own frames of reference we often structure sessions around our 5Drivers’ model of the emotions behind consumer behaviour. This means a wider range of ideas is produced and that everything is based on genuine customer needs. We find 16-20 attendees is a good number for such sessions – these being divided into teams of 4-5 for sub-group activities. As with most creative research, we use play and quick-fire activities to push participants into an intuitive space where ideas flow and nobody gets bogged down by the practicalities of how ideas might work.

What’s an example of a Co-Creation?

We used co-creation with O2 to help them develop its tariff propositions in relation to the iPhone 6 and 7 launches. For the iPhone 6, this resulted in a focus on assurances around screen breakages and culminated in the launch being described as O2’s most successful ever.

What is Co-Creation?