Uncovering emotion in unstructured data with Clarabridge Text Analytics

This year we started a partnership with Clarabridge – a leading global text analytics provider – to enhance our ability to find meaning in the vast amount of unstructured verbatim we collect from consumers.

Before this, we put many candidate solutions to the test and ended up agreeing with Forrester that Clarabridge really is a breed apart – with 3 big assets explaining this.

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1. Seamless, speedy set-up

A winning feature of Clarabridge is that it comes with a pre-established set of coding frames which have been carefully developed for just about any sector you can possibly imagine. This means that implementation is all about fine-tuning rather than starting from scratch.

Speed is also guaranteed by our API integration, which allows us to code comments instantly before feeding them into our portal dashboards.

2. Accuracy second to none

Clarabridge’s pre-established coding frames are impressive. What makes this tool outstanding is that these can be refined to be brilliant at coding an individual client’s verbatims through a very easy-to-use interface. This is particularly beneficial in creating micro-categories within bigger topic areas. An example might be unpicking themes like ‘staff unhelpful’, where knowing the detail behind the broad concept gives you the power to take precise actions.

Of course, accuracy is also important for programme credibility. You can’t expect stakeholders to act on results if they click on individual comments and find these jar with the code to which they’ve been allotted.


3. Sentiment nailed

Like many text-analytics solutions, Clarabridge scrutinises comments and assigns a positive or negative sentiment to each. What makes Clarabridge special is the fact that is attaches a sentiment to every part of a sentence and accounts for modifiers like ‘very’ or ‘quite’ in identifying shades of grey. It even has the ability to read emojis and spot the fact that words mean different things in different contexts e.g. ‘cool’ can be cold or stylish, ‘sick’ can be ill or great.

Want to see it in action?

Just ask us for a demo. We’d be happy to put some of your data through Clarabridge to show you the benefits it can bring.


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