Which Party Food won hearts and stomachs?

As grocers reach their peak week we’ve asked 1,500 UK consumers what they think of the party-food ranges available; using our 5Drivers model to understand the emotions that the most successful retailers are leveraging.

M&S ahead on #Desire and #Freedom

Perhaps not surprisingly, Marks and Spencer’s party food wins on the Desire front. The packaging’s rich, Christmassy tones exude high quality and the products offer an innovative twist on festive classics – helping customers feel they’re trying something exciting and a little different without abandoning traditional favourites altogether!

Morrisons stoking #Desire best of the Big 4 – via focus on food and fairy lights

The classic, twinkling, red-dominant, Morrisons’ packaging sets the scene for an indulgent Christmas – a feeling underscored by the heavy focus on the product itself. Showing the food on a table, with the tree in the background evokes the sense that the fun is about to start; building excitement and #Desire.

Waitrose opening shoppers’ eyes to new possibilities

Playing to the #Freedom Driver, Waitrose has gone one step further in terms of originality. Its move away from traditional red packaging, plus creative, novel party ideas transports shoppers out of their comfort zones and inspires them to try something more ‘on trend’.

Lidl & Aldi dialling up #Control and offering a sense of release

Amazingly low prices and quality product allows Aldi and Lidl customers to feel in #Control, knowing they can enjoy Christmas without worrying too much about its financial impact. This feeling edges into #Freedom via the liberating realisation that you can ‘fill your stocking’ from a huge array of options. Party-themed packaging supports this by hinting that even the host will be free to enjoy themselves!

All scores are indexes from a nationally representative sample of 1,500 shoppers in Dec 2016