Instagram rocking Xmas 2016

​ASOS dialling up #Freedom with its fresh take on Christmas 

ASOS’ posts shout new experiences. At a time when shoppers are complaining about fashion feeling too samey this definitely helps ASOS stand out. Bright colours cut against the festive palette adopted by most, whilst partywear takes on a unique look. The overall fun tone invigorates shoppers with the rush of fresh possibilities. 

​Next evoking a sense of #Belonging

Next conjures the party spirit in an accessible, supportive way – using models that combine an aspirational element with an air of ‘girl next door’. It doesn’t confine shoppers to one role in life – allowing them to belong to what is most important to them: a cosy, traditional home life and beautiful statement pieces for a night out. 

​Debenhams delivering on #Immersive #Desire 

Debenhams’ strong emphasis on the ‘Found It’ campaign works well in immersing shoppers in the magic of hunting out the perfect product! Meanwhile, heavy promotion of premium product, displayed in an alluring way, stokes Desire. 

​River Island provoking lots of #Desire 

River Island’s content screams GOING OUT! – managing to capture the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas party season, intensified by the hint of indulgence projected by its glam outfits.