The winning online gifting experiences

As online looks set to take an even bigger slice of Christmas spend, online gift finders have become an expectation, with shoppers using them through fear of feeling overloaded with an avalanche of products or of not being able to find the perfect gift idea. Through the lens of our 5Drivers model we’ve explored the emotional needs of shoppers when gift browsing and found the top retailers tapping into these… 

#Immersion and #Belonging through considered curation

There’s a baseline desire to be able to filter selections by gender and price but also a thirst to find the most considered, personal gifting ideas; a thirst to see more carefully curated ideas. “I don’t just want to see what’s for men and women… that makes me think it’s going to be hard work, I want more themes and ideas”

John Lewis stood out for many here – categorising gifts by interest in a way that feels considered and special. Shoppers were immersed in the beautiful photography, helping make even average product exude specialness. A plethora of gifting ideas helps people get swept up in the excitement of Christmas...

#Immersion and #Belonging through considered curation

Boots surprising shoppers with its vast selection of gifting categories – from “home-lovers” to “cavemen” – it appears to have it all! But the one big surprise came from giving shoppers ideas to personally create gift ideas, from beauty crackers to beauty hampers. 

A hint of #Freedom – inspired by new possibilities

There’s lots of desire from shoppers to get out of a rut and find something that bit different to gift this Christmas. That could happen through either completely new product or bringing to the fore items that wouldn’t have been on shoppers’ lists.


There was one clear winner here: Its easy-to-use gift finder app with vast and easy filtering options allowed the huge range to be easily digested. Shoppers felt they could browse for hours – swept away by new, unique product ideas. 

Selfridges also stuck out here – offering its customers opportunity to seek out something beyond the usual and even calling this out in the category names used to segment the gifts. Ultimately, everyone wants to look good at Christmas and everything about the gifting pages and ideas shouts out desirable and unique. 

Next week we’ll be looking at the impact of Black Friday and the fashion retailers winning customers’ hearts in the run-up to party season!