Winning windows

As high-street footfall remains sluggish it’s never been more important for retailers’ windows to stand out and make an instant emotional connection that pulls shoppers in through the doors.

We’ve used our 5Drivers model to shed light on which windows are engaging consumers and the types of emotions they’re harnessing. Here’s how they fare and why…

Selfridges’ Santa Party dialling up #DESIRE 

After a year of Brexit and Trump-led uncertainty the idea of a party definitely strikes a chord with shoppers! Selfridges’ windows capture the fun and excitement of Christmas. Putting Santa into desirable, real-life scenes amid a mass of high-end product helps create a sense of escapism and wonder

JL playing to its natural territories of #Belonging and #Control 

JL taps into our #Control Driver by conveying a calm and reassuringly high-quality feel in its windows. Shoppers want to share in this special, almost magical experience and feel part of a world that’s both aspirational and ordered.

M&S connecting through #Desire and #Immersion

M&S harnesses #Desire through its abundance of presents, rich golden tones and striking festive colours – all shouting out ‘indulgence’ and ‘treat me’! The fun scenes and clever use of product draw shoppers and steep them in the Christmas spirit.

Ted Baker leveraging the #FREEDOM Driver 

Ted Baker projects the strongest sense of escapism; combining its usual quirky tone with a novel and refreshing take on the season that conjures feelings of carefreeness. Here, Christmas feels like it’s full of a world of new possibilities!

House of Fraser winning on #IMMERSION

The unique styling and bold scenes cut against the rest of the high street and evoke a sense of intrigue and empowerment. Shoppers feel ‘lost in the moment’ – immersed in a new and different Christmas experience that opens their minds to the brand’s messages.