Win the race for Christmas 2018

The first in our 4-part analysis of Christmas 2018 is here. It provides an early read on mindset/sentiment.


Here's a taste of some of the things we've discovered based on research undertaken 18-22 Oct.

Pink Bauble

47% hadn't even started gift buying. Christmas really is still to play for.


Revealed! Latest group to say 'you’d be daft not to give the discounters a go'.

Argos/Next prove physical brands aren't dead. We show how.


'Looking good' a surprise Xmas pain point. We reveal 7 ways brands could help.

handmade easy.png

People want a handmade Xmas made easy. Where do they need most help?

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Inspiration comes in many forms. We've found the hot buttons in each category.


Who gets lots spent on them yet gifters struggle for ideas? Find out and win!

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Deliver the right message at the right time by knowing every step of Xmas buying journey.

Report 1 is now available and provides an

early read on mindset/sentiment

Our 50-page analysis reveals:

  • Predicted spend (vs. last year)

  • How uncertainty's hitting plans

  • Critical festive milestones

  • Category winners/losers

  • Brands expecting to use

  • Hopes/dreams for the season

  • Allows you to understand the challenge ahead and flex plans (small tweaks can make a big difference in a tight market)

christmas unwr - compressed.png

Three more reports to come, each focusing on key milestones, to inform this and next year's plans

2. Christmas preparation underway

Issued 19 Nov

(Fieldwork 9-11 Nov)

  • How plans are evolving

  • £ spent/still to play for

  • Brands quick off the mark

  • Response to big ad campaigns

  • Emerging winning tactics and emotional hot buttons pressed

  • Benchmark your early performance

  • Assess tactics for home straight

3. Progress update - reality replaces dreams

Issued 14 Dec

(Fieldwork 5-10 Dec)

  • £ spent/still to play for

  • Where rest of spend will go

  • Deep dive into Black Friday

  • Brands winning/losing

  • Drivers of usage/satisfaction

  • Winning tactics for final push

  • Gauge which strategies are hitting home

  • Identify final tweaks to optimise performance

4. Dust settled and lessons for 2019

Issued 11 Jan

(Fieldwork 28 Dec-7 Jan)

  • Winners/losers - and why

  • How hopes played out

  • Stated/revealed importance

  • Pain points in Xmas journey

  • Key emotions played to/missed

  • Outlook for 2019

  • Get great plans in place for next Christmas

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One report




Two reports




All four reports


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