Helping wagamama evolve its brand meaning

1.  ‘From bowl to soul’, whilst not the main brand message, held massive appeal – beating the ‘positive eating’ line previously featured

2. With authenticity now king, there was a real appetite to hear more about the brand's roots in the ‘good change’ philosophy of ‘Kaizen’

3. To stay cool all they had to do was stay true to themselves

"ABA worked collaboratively with us to draw together all strands of the research, iterating findings into excellent final outputs. Armed with this insight we’re planning to develop our proposition ahead of  further exploration"

Stuart Wright, Head of Insight

As an iconic brand that won success by having a distinctive handwriting, wagamama wanted to put itself under the microscope and discover how it could expand into a wider array of markets without losing ‘brand cool’.

As you’d expect with such an important decision, we implemented a multi-staged approach – obtaining a 360-degree view from stakeholders, industry experts and customers.

It was also one of the first projects we applied our 5Drivers framework to – and we weren’t surprised to see a thought-leading business like wagamama being so quick to embrace this innovative way of gauging customer emotion.

We made three 'eureka moment' discoveries: