Enriching the National Lottery website experience

After the relaunch of the National Lottery website in 2014 ABA was hired to track how players perceive its online platform.

Some stakeholders were sceptical about how much this could add to Adobe analytics. Two years on and doubts have been overturned.

Customer feedback is now considered the lead predictor of turnover growth. Cracks in today’s experience will lead to future revenue loss.

How has this been achieved?

Firstly, a relentless commitment to combining customer feedback with internal data to tell joined-up stories and ascribe £-value to our findings. 

Secondly, by being brave/agile e.g. avoiding disengagement by using our shortest-ever survey, plus meticulous attention to when surveys are triggered to ensure all journeys are scrutinised.

Thirdly, in an increasingly 'noisy' environment, our online portal, weekly/monthly updates and carefully crafted quarterly presentations keep things in line of sight.

Finalist for MRS/AURA Award for Insight Management 2016

Joint submission Camelot and ABA Research