Identifying OL

opportunities for Lloyds 

Like many retailers, Lloyds sees a big opportunity in own label; both in terms of strengthening its brand equity and improving margins. ABA was tasked with pinpointing the categories that offer most potential and the aspects Lloyds would have to deliver to succeed.

We started by qualitatively exploring behaviours at the point of purchase and consumption. Our expert observers monitored in-store activity and spent hours talking to individuals about their choice of brand/OL. An ethnographic component involved in-home visits where, again, the emphasis was on observing natural behaviours not recording over-rationalised reflections.

"We were recommended ABA and they have impressed. During this project they showed real expertise in the retail sector and really grasped the role of own label. This meant the project ran smoothy and insights were very commerially focused"

Kath Bishop, Customer Data & Market Insight Manager

Once we’d established the key factors at play, we quantified these via a large-scale online survey whose fun, fast nature won access to the all-important ‘automatic’ part of the brain.

Results were shared in an engaging pre-debrief film – allowing the session with stakeholders to focus on implications and developing internal alignment on where the best opportunities existed.