Back in 2009, long before most companies ran CX studies, John Lewis asked ABA to help it set up a branch-level satisfaction programme

Seven years on and this study has been rolled out to track all key touchpoints, including store, web and delivery.

During this time, John Lewis has won many awards for its service and achieved market leading, year-on-year turnover growth.

Senior executives have often referred to the programme as a key tool in helping them grow. We think there are 5 factors behind this success.

1. Establishing a clear understanding of what 'excellent looks like' - and sharing this in engaging formats across the business.

2. Relentless focus on the important - for example, branches are only measured on 4 aspects identified as having most impact on satisfaction and which are all within the store's control.

3. Closed-loop feedback - commitment to taking action on any feedback attached to a low satisfaction score.

4. Quarterly story-line reports - providing visibility throughout the organisation of current performance, where progress has been made and which actions would secure further gains.

5. A quiet determination to be the best - partnership approach ensuring universal commitment to 'getting even better'.