A very merry Christmas

With 2018 coming to an end I look back with pride on what we’ve achieved both as a company and for clients. It's fair to say there have been twists along the way; the most surprising being my return to the MD role! I have, however, been overwhelmed by the support from all quarters. With eight months under my belt I can see that my break gave me time to learn fresh skills and now, each day, I'm delighted to observe new-found confidence amongst my team.

I'm particularly proud of our developers, who have created a new CX platform that leverages both Spotfire and Clarabridge capabilities to offer simple dashboards, verbatim analysis and big data analytics. Beyond this, our commitment to the understanding of consumer emotions continues to win a growing fan base; many of our clients agreeing with ABA’s 'NPS has had its day' mantra and adopting our FeelFactor as their headline metric.


It's hard to look ahead to 2019 and imagine calm waters for business. However, while I acknowledge I am the optimistic type, 30 years’ in research leave me in little doubt that turbulence will create opportunities. Winners will be those who understand the problems customers need fixing and then have the agility and passion for innovating.


We look forward to partnering both long-term and new clients, and making them stronger as we enter the 2020s. In the meantime, here's to a happy Christmas!